MP Podcast — 10


  • Do good cop or bad cop stories sell better in the news?
  • Is police brutality the result of power abuse?
  • What can we teach young kids to further a better humankind?
  • “You can nearly feel the tension begin to build up in the encounter as the police officer appears to be running out of patience with Seim and his continuous questioning. It is when the private citizen repeated his request for official identification that matters began to get dicey.

    In the end, Seim does explain to the now irritated officer why he made his citizen’s police stop. He states that citizens need to know if they are truly being pulled over by real cops or someone pretending to be a law enforcement officer.”
      ― Kevin Fobbs (BuzzPo)

    “In his final act of kindness before his death, Henwood bought cookies for Scott at a McDonald’s restaurant on Fairmount Avenue.
    Scott was hungry and short on change and Henwood, a total stranger, offered to buy him the cookies in a tender moment caught on surveillance tape. The two shared a smile and some small talk, with the officer telling Scott to work hard, before Henwood took off.
    Moments later, Henwood was critically shot while sitting in his patrol car by suspect Dejon Marquee, who pulled up alongside the officer’s vehicle and opened fire in an unprovoked attack.”
      ― Monica Garske (NBC San Diego)

    Arrested for ‘being stupid': What police officer told a man after slamming him against a wall and cuffing him… because he took his parking ticket TOO FAST
    Amazing video! – Private Citizen Pulled Over a Cop – Warns Him That He’s Breaking the Law
    Horrifying Video: Prison Guards Callously Laugh as Mentally Ill Man Dies in Front of Them

    Teen, Last Person to See Slain Officer Alive, Pays Respects
    Police officer buys bed, TV, Wii for teen
    Calumet City Cop Saves Baby From Burning Building
    Kalamazoo Cop Pulls Over Choking Woman, Saves Her Life

    Karma? Confused NYPD Officer Mistakes Fellow Cop for Suspect and Kicks Him in the Head
    Florida Cops Accused Of Breaking Into City Hall To Use Bathroom

    Secoya – Run (Original Mix)
    Matduke – Bloodlip (feat. Veela)
    Matthew Parker – Bigger Picture (Just A Gent Remix)
    Oxylice – Signs (feat. Katie’s Ambition) (Original Mix)
    Ionika – System Overload

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