MP Podcast — 11


  • Homecoming couple posing with guns, a Marine parent banned from daughter’s school.
  • Has greeting a stranger, become sexual harassment?
  • Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman: (Un)provoked aggression?
  • “Radio host Dennis Prager has wisely observed that to the left, truth is not a value. Ideology is a value. And so the myths of Shepard and Trayvon must live on. That’s because the left understands that narrative drives hearts and minds, rather than argument. Were the left to openly contend that gay men and women around America are in danger every day from the vastly homophobic majority of the American populace, most Americans would rightly be insulted and skeptical. Were the left to suggest that most Americans are vicious racists a hairsbreadth away from murdering black teenagers, most Americans would scoff. Instead, the left trots out cases like Shepard and cases like Trayvon — and manufactures those cases to fit their needs.

    Racism and anti-gay hatred must be wiped from the map. But there is no need to fudge the facts in order to combat them. The left’s need to seize on individual cases as impetus for broad societal change demonstrates just how desperate the left is to paint exceptional cases as the rule to justify a broader agenda.”
      ― Ben Shapiro (Townhall)

    “Lawmakers from the Black, Latino and Asian Pacific Islander caucuses also wore hooded sweatshirts at a press conference in the Capitol that day. In a statement from the conference, Latino Caucus chair Rep. Ricardo Lara (D-Calif.) called for the reform of Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” legislation, the law that is currently protecting Zimmerman from arrest. Lara’s remarks from the statement:”
      ― Anna Almendrala (Huffington Post)

    “The stand-your-ground vs. duty-to-retreat distinction comes up in the relatively unusual case in which you are faced with a threat of death, serious bodily injury, etc., but you can escape with perfect safety. If you’re facing an assailant with a gun, it generally doesn’t matter what state you’re in, because you generally can’t escape a gun with perfect safety. So if you’re in the fortunately very rare scenario in which you reasonably believe that the person outside the clinic will imminently shoot you, you can shoot him in any state (if you’ve got a gun, that is). And if you’re in the much more common scenario in which you just think the person might slap you or block your entrance or insult you, you can’t shoot him in any state. Only in the very rare scenario in which you think the person might kill or seriously injure you, but with a deadly weapon that you can flee with perfect safety would it matter whether you’re in a stand-your-ground state or a duty-to-retreat state.”
      ― Eugene Volokh (Washington Post)

    Students Tito Velez And Jamie Pereira Suspended Over AirSoft Homecoming Photo
    Marine banned from daughter’s school after dispute over Islam homework assignment
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    Trayvon Martin Shooting Fast Facts
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    Trayvon Martin’s Global Significance, America and the Drone

    Matthew Shepard, Trayvon Martin and the Power of Leftist Myth
    Star Witness Against Zimmerman Flops Big Time
    Trayvon Martin shooting: George Zimmerman claims teen told him ‘You’re going to die tonight’ and jumped him in police interviews

    George Zimmerman’s relevant past
    Trayvon Martin-Inspired Hoodies Donned By California Lawmakers
    Zimmerman accused of pointing shotgun at girlfriend

    What ‘stand your ground’ laws actually mean
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