MP Podcast — 12


  • An Irish teacher is rejected from job in Korea, because she’s Irish.
  • A congressional source claims that Obama’s secret letter has “f**ked everything up.”
  • Women missed breakfast at Philadelphia McDonald’s; fight breaks out.
  • “It takes somewhere between two to ten kilos of plants, depending on the type of plants involved, to produce one kilo of animal. Given the limited amount of productive land in the world, it would seem to some to make more sense to focus our culinary attentions on plants, because we would arguably get more energy per hectare for human consumption. Theoretically this should also mean fewer sentient animals would be killed to feed the ravenous appetites of ever more humans.

    Producing protein from wheat means ploughing pasture land and planting it with seed. Anyone who has sat on a ploughing tractor knows the predatory birds that follow you all day are not there because they have nothing better to do. Ploughing and harvesting kill small mammals, snakes, lizards and other animals in vast numbers. In addition, millions of mice are poisoned in grain storage facilities every year.”
      ― Mike Archer (IFL Science)

    “The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that, according to people briefed on the letter, Obama wrote to Khamenei in the middle of last month and stressed that any cooperation on dealing with the Islamic State, or ISIS, was tied to Iran striking a deal over its nuclear program. The U.S., Iran and other negotiators are facing a Nov. 24 deadline for such a deal.”
      ― Chad Pergram (Fox News)

    “It’s our right to feed people, it’s our First Amendment right and I believe in the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, and we should be allowed to feed our fellow man. We’ve heard from every continent, the last I heard was from Kenya and Moscow. I’ve heard from South America, any number of people from Canada, three newspapers from the United Kingdom. I am both enthused and humbled. The good news is that there is pressure being put on the city of Fort Lauderdale to do something about a law that is not only unfair, it’s repressive. What the city is doing by cutting out feeding is very simple — they are forcing homeless people to go Dumpster-diving all over again. They will steal. That’s what the mayor is forcing the homeless to do. I love the city. I live here, it’s a beautiful place and I’d like to keep it beautiful, but you cannot sweep the homeless under a rug. There is no rug large enough for that.”
      ― Arnold Abbott (Fort Lauderdale man feeding the homeless)

    “Wildlife advocates are calling Rosolie’s TV experiment cruel. ‘#EatenAlive is disgusting. Why put an animal under so much trauma? All for the wonder of live tv,’ says one miffed tweeter.”
      ― Shelley Hazen (Newser)

    A Woman Recreated That Viral Catcalling Video in New Zealand and Got Very Different Results
    ‘Irish alcoholism nature’ reason for job rejection for Irish teacher in South Korea
    Voters adopt GMO ban
    Ordering The Vegetarian Meal? There’s More Animal Blood On Your Hands

    Navy SEAL who shot al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden dead revealed, nearly broke
    ‘You want to kill’: ISIS deserter recounts training, torture and terror
    Source says reported letter from Obama to Ayatollah ‘f***s up everything’

    90-year-old Florida man cited for feeding homeless — again
    The devil is real: little girl tells Christian preacher to shut up
    9news: Girl tells street preacher to shut up

    Fight breaks out at Philly McDonald’s over breakfast menu
    Man says he’ll be eaten alive by anaconda – on TV

    Crywolf – Eyes Half Closed
    Closed Eyes – Everlasting
    Just A Gent – Fortaque
    Psycho Crooks – A2B

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