MP Podcast — 15


  • Social media users raise awareness of White privilege with #CrimingWhileWhite.
  • The nation’s students blame Michelle Obama for unappetizing school lunches.
  • The Silicon Valley’s homeless are forced to leave their encampment homes.
  • “President Obama announced this week that, in response to Ferguson and other cases of cops killing unarmed black men, the White House would call for $75 million to make 50,000 body cameras available to police departments across the country.

    But on Wednesday, a grand jury declined to indict New York police officers in the choking death of Eric Garner — a case in which there was footage. And the timing couldn’t really be worse for the White House.”
      ― Nia-Malika Henderson (Washington Post)

    “[Those expletives] who are looting, those aren’t real black people, those are scumbags. Real black people, they’re not out there looting. I just watched a great story on CNN where bunch of folks wouldn’t let them burn down an establishment, it was a great story…. But unfortunately, the way the media portrays a lot of black people, we only put the negative black people on television. We don’t put the good hard-working black people. That’s what I said and that’s what I meant. There’s a perception amongst some black people that if you’re not a thug or a hood rat, you don’t wear your pants down by your [expletive] you’re not black enough. And they’re always holding us back, plain and simple. And I a’int shutting up and I a’int backing down.

    I’m not saying who is right or wrong, I’m just hearing the true story that came out of the grand jury investigation…. Let me just say this. I think that we, we – I know I’m black, but I’m going to try to always be honest and fair – we have to be really careful with the cops. If it wasn’t for the cops, we’d be living in the wild wild west in out neighborhoods. We can’t pick out certain incidents that don’t go our way and act like the cops are all bad. I hate when we do that. Think about it. Do you know how bad some of these neighborhoods would be if it wasn’t for the cops? It’s always great to play monday morning quarterback…. Like I say, I don’t know what happened in Ferguson, nobody knows what happened. I want to take the time as a responsible person [and] read the grand jury statement.”
      ― Charles Barkley (NBA)

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    With Eric Garner, Obama’s body camera argument just took a big hit
    #CrimingWhileWhite Explodes On Twitter Following Eric Garner Decision

    When one New Zealand school tossed its playground rules and let students risk injury, the results were surprising
    School kids are blaming Michelle Obama for their ‘gross’ school lunches
    (Some) Teachers Agree: Kids Get Too Much Homework

    The Jungle: San Jose shuts notorious homeless encampment
    HOTEL 22: The Dark Side Of Silicon Valley

    Killigrew – Hope
    BlindSight – – New Life
    Blure – Endless Dream
    ShockLine – Spring Break
    FDM J-1 feat. Veela – Sea Chords (Apocalypto Remix)

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