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  • Authorities in the Philippines cage homeless children, in preparation for the Pope’s arrival.
  • A teacher is arrested for showing “ABC’s of Death” (2012) in class.
  • Glee star, Naya Rivera, states that showering “is a White people thing.”
  • “Disregarding their own Filipino child protection laws, the locked-up children are placed in filthy detention centers, where they sleep on the cold concrete floors, use buckets as toilets, get physically abused by older inmates, are nearly starved and in some cases, chained up to the pillars.

    Adult inmates are kept in a pen directly next to the cell holding boys and girls; they freely pass back and forth through the compounds during certain times of the day and abuse the children.

    The center is hidden away in the slums of Manila’s Paranaque district, and ironically named ‘House of Hope.'”
      ― Abigail James (Catholic Online)

    “Sheila Kearns showed the film, ‘The ABCs of Death,’ during five periods of a Spanish class at East High School in Columbus in April 2013, prosecutors said. The movie consists of 26 chapters, each depicting some form of grisly death and representing a letter of the alphabet, such as ‘E is for Exterminate,’ ‘O is for Orgasm’ and ‘T is for Toilet.’

    A jury convicted Kearns of four felony counts on Thursday. The convictions carry possible jail sentences, but Kearns, 58, is expected to get probation when she’s sentenced in March.”
      ― Huff Post

    “The 28-year-old Glee star, who celebrated her birthday on Monday, was a guest host on The View this morning where the songstress shared a rather, um, interesting theory about showering.

    After moderator Nicolle Wallace defended the fact that she showers three times a day (pre- and post-show, plus once before bed), the Fox beauty chimed in with a headline-making hypothesis.

    ‘I think that white people shower a lot more than ethnic,’ Rivera said as Wallace couldn’t help but burst out into a fit of giggles. ‘I feel like showering more than once a day or every day is such a white people thing.'”
      ― Alyssa Toomey (E Online)

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