MP Podcast — 21


  • Dalhousie University wants to ban men from speaking first in discussions.
  • India needs to change its mentality on females, because birth ratio is at emergency levels.
  • How were the Egyptian Pyramids built?
  • “On the heels of a scandal involving male Dalhousie University dentistry students making sexually charged comments on Facebook about their female peers, the Canadian university’s Student Union and Gender and Women’s Studies Program co-hosted a forum on misogyny titled “Transforming our campus and strengthening our community.”

    During the forum—composed of Dalhousie professors and representatives from local gender justice and sexual assault resource centers—one panelist suggested calling on women first during classroom discussions to boost female participation.

    ‘I do think, in general, there are a lot of studies that indicate women, girls are socialized not to speak first… And so to make a conscious rule, a deliberate rule that is explicit, that ‘no, men are not allowed to speak first,’ is certainly a strong way of addressing that issue…’ said Jacqueline Warwick, a professor of musicology and former coordinator of the Gender and Women’s Studies Programs at Dalhousie.”
      ― Gabriella Morrongiello (Campus Reform)

    “Despite being banned in India, sex-selective abortion is a growing problem in the country. India’s sex ratio — the number of girls born for every 1,000 boys — dropped from 964 in 1971 to 918 in 2011, according to United Nations and Indian government data. Human Rights Watch said the statistics point to ‘the failure of laws aimed at reducing sex-selective abortions.’

    Modi has not proposed new legislation, but he did launch a new campaign on the issue, called ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ (Save the Daughter, Teach the Daughter). He announced it at a public event before a largely female audience in Haryana — the state with the lowest ratio of female to male births. He told the women gathered there that they must resist pressure from family and society to abort girls. ‘The prime minister of the country is begging you to save the lives of girls,’ Modi said. ‘We have to change our thinking and stop believing that boys are superior to girls. We should change our mentality.'”
      ― Al Jazeera and wire services

    “Levitation appears as a common theme among fringe pyramid theorists. The famed psychic Edgar Cayce—who believed the pyramids were built by a consortium of Atlanteans, Egyptians and Caucasians from southwest Russia—claimed the ancients used their extraordinary mental powers to lift the massive blocks into place.”
      ― Mark Strauss (io9)

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