MP Podcast — 28


  • Insight regarding ISIS and itsrecruiting methods.
  • Westerners are following in the footsteps of ISIS.
  • Would the U.S. government team up with Anonymous to fight ISIS?
  • “According to the Institute for Strategic Dialogue – a think tank specializing in geo-strategic, social and security issues in London, UK – there are an estimated 550 western women living in ISIS-controlled territory. Amarasingam estimates that about 15 of those western women are Canadian. He tracks recruits online, mainly through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. He says, at first, he was mainly tracking male recruits, but then noticed a new demographic of recruits beginning to emerge.”
            ― Hannah James (Global News)

    “When Steve Hassan heard an ISIS propaganda tape, “it reminded me of the exhortations of Jim Jones’ cult saying, ‘Come to Jonestown. It’s a paradise. It’s wonderful.’ And that keys in on one of the key principles of destructive cults, which is deceptive recruiting.”

    Hassan is the founder of Freedom of Mind, an organization dedicated to exposing destructive cults and cult behavior.

    ‘This is a political cult using religion and a perversion of Islam as the shield. But in fact it’s a systematic effort to create an army of basically tranced-out followers.’

    Video clips of foreign jihadists burning their passports show that many have no interest in returning home.”
             ― Holly Yan (CNN)

    “As well as its success in raising awareness of Isis-related social media accounts, the amorphous online collective has also succeeded in taking down dozens of jihadist websites. Considering this, Brooking suggested the US government should adjust its view of Anonymous as a menace, and consider it a temporary ally in the fight against IS.

    ‘If the United States is struggling to counter the Islamic State’s dispersed, rapidly regenerative online presence, why not turn to groups native to this digital habitat?” Brooking wrote. “Why not embrace the efforts of third-party hackers like Anonymous to dismantle the Islamic State – and even give them the resources to do so?’

    One way of implementing this “fig leaf” to the world’s hacktivists would be through offering bounties paid in bitcoin for every jihadist site taken down through phishing or distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.”
             ― Anthony Cuthbertson (International Business Times)

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