MP Podcast — 30


  • The recent attack in Brussels and its implications.
  • Cuba gets a taste of the internet.
  • Obama: Capitalism vs. Communism.
  • “Silicon Valley payments startup Stripe will make it possible to give Cuban entrepreneurs access to the US financial system. Cubans will be able to incorporate a US company, set up a US bank account, and start accepting payments from the US. Stripe will be working with the Merchise Startup Circle, which has been working to form and facilitate a Cuban startup community. Again, the ball is in Cuba’s court. Will they allow self-employed workers or cooperatives to open those accounts?”
      ― The Internet in Cuba

    “Just give me a name. If we have those political prisoners they will be released before tonight ends”
      ― Raul Castro

    Tensions Erupt in Brussels, and Police in 4 Coutnries Make Arrests
    Internet-related announcements around President Obama’s trip to Cuba
    Obama Cuba visit sets new tone

    Nightstuck – Mendum
    When The Sun Sets – Soulfy
    Predators – Big Adventure

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